Cherry Cheeks - CCLPII LP

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Cherry Cheeks - CCLPII LP

Cherry Cheeks - CCLPII LP (Total Punk/USA)

They Say:

Cherry Cheeks are back with the follow up to their highly praised debut LP. Now a full band based out of Portland, OR with a few successful tours under their belt and a strongly defined sound CCLPII picks up where last year's CHERRY RADIO EP left off. The songs are more fleshed out, the production crisper, and the hooks are gigantic with layers of synths and electronic bleeps and blurps peppered throughout. The manic energy is still front and center but the poppier elements hinted at with songs like 'Go Outside' and'Two Bugs' on their debut are given much greater focus on the album's hit heavy A-side. On the flip the album takes a darker and more sinister turn. The synths are more heavily featured the vocals have more bite and the punk muscle fully flexed. Cherry Cheeks prove they've got some staying power and I'm excited to see what they have in store for CCLPIII. Catchy, razor sharp, and 100% TOTAL PUNK