Bizarre KoKoKo - 00 Time LP

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Bizarre KoKoKo - 00 Time LP

Bizarre KoKoKo - 00 Time LP (Wah Wah Records/Spain)

They Say:

"Released on Karl Kronfeld's Synoptik Records, it was the label's only release, thus becoming a rare, sought after, private pressing. Weird, intriguing atmospheres and a plethora of synthesized sounds, sequencers, cold sounding keyboards and even mellotron parts make this a darker offering than Aphorisms Insane. Venturing into stark, spooky post-industrial territories it manages to combine the primitive cosmicism of early Tangerine Dream with the dystopic soundscapes of Asmus Tietchens, '80s Conrad Schnitzler or the synthetic gothicisms of Peter Frohmader. An album that should appeal not only to fans of cosmic synthetic music, but also those interested in the more experimental strains of cold wave and minimal synth (Robert Rental, Dome, a.o.) The Wah Wah edition is the first ever reissue of this rare sought after collector's item. 100% analog lacquer cut direct from the original master tape by Moritz illner at Duophonic Gmbh and reproducing the original Dalí-esque sleeve artwork in a strictly limited edition of 500 copies only."

We Say:

There is something so beguiling when a record sounds like the past trying to channel an imagined future. It is as if Bizarre KoKoKo decided to score a molecule's mysterious journey within the spacetime continuum by capturing squishy synthesized waves in an icy atmosphere. It is what I image to be Einstein's having a nightmare where Gershon Kinsley's percolating classic "Popcorn" is being sucked into a blackhole that doubles as a gothic echo chamber. For fans of triumphant cosmic horror, mournful mellotrons, Dali inspired artwork, this fantastically surreal and spooky '80s electronic record screams non-traditional Halloween music (not to mention killer cold-wave/deathrock in space vibes) and is finally affordable since the OG private press sells for $150 and up.