Big Clown - Beat Down 7"

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Big Clown - Beat Down 7"

Big Clown - Beat Down 7" (Swimming Faith/USA)

They Say:

Big Clown is a group of best friends from Memphis, TN and Jackson, MS who got together one night to try and make a record without writing or rehearsing anything beforehand. What came out of it was a car-hitting-a-brick-wall style explosion, true living room punk from southern freaks trying to create something memorable and honest in the smallest timespan they can. The rules were simple: every song has one good idea and only one good idea. Get in, get out. Don’t linger. Tune each string to the same note. When it’s done, it’s done.

Fast forward four years, three main releases, one Japanese exclusive tape, and several Gonerfests later to Beatdown. Written after a road trip gone wrong soundtracked by 16 hours of buttrock hits, Beatdown is what happens when your guitars tuned to only one note need to play something new. Beatdown is what happens when you write songs to amuse yourself and hope other people come along for the ride. Beatdown is what happens when your city faces a near insurmountable water crisis and you know exactly who is to blame. Sometimes you just gotta laugh.