April March / Kelley Stoltz - April March Sings Kelley Stoltz 12"

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April March / Kelley Stoltz - April March Sings Kelley Stoltz 12"

April March / Kelley Stoltz - April March Sings Kelley Stoltz 12"

They Say:

4 special tracks recorded by April March and Kelley Stoltz, whereby April sings Kelley Stoltz songs in French, and also in English; Music by Kelley, vocals by April!

A one off meeting of underground pop legends, and over-ground garage rock royalty. Mixed / Masterd by Warren DeFever at Third Man. Red coloured vinyl version. Ooh La La! C'est Magnifique

April March:
"I was in Nashville with Olivia Jean on a little break from shooting our "Allons Y" video at Third Man. I got in her car and she cranked up her playlist. Out jumped "Double Exposure". I went bananas right there in the passenger seat. "Kelley Stokes!", she smiled wide. It reminded me of something I'd heard in a dream. I went around singing songs from "Double Exposure" for a few weeks zeroing in on "Are You My Love" and "Your Face". I thought to myself cover-wise there's nothing to add here, they're perfect as is but maybe some French versions would be a kick so I asked for an intro. A few months later I was in San Francisco kicking out the Bonne Mamans with Kelley in his studio. Lucky me and thanks to Agitated Records lucky you too."

Kelley Stoltz:
“Like almost everyone in the world I was dazzled by April March's take on "Chick Habit" back in the late 90s. It was such an up feeling and joyful sound in the music and vocals. At odds with the manly wails and bleak outlooks that were standard song fare of those days. You can develop a crush on the voice in your speakers, you know! I did anyway. I was so pleased to hear from her in person and out of the blue, years later, and find out she wanted to do her own versions of my songs. I soon got to re-recording the music bits, and as she asked, stayed pretty true to their original form… maybe even improving on them just a tad. She appeared at my door one day and we instantly hit it off and laughed and sang and climbed on an elliptical machine. We did some recording and then took a walk and ate tacos. She even gave my daughter her first book. We're just friends, but I'll always have that crush when I hear her voice! I hope you enjoy April March Sings Kelley Stoltz as much as I did working on them.”