Anna Domino - East and West LP (red vinyl)

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Anna Domino - East and West LP (red vinyl)

Anna Domino - East and West LP (Les Disques du Crepuscule/Belgium)

Please note that the Bandcamp player for this album features more songs than what is found on this reissue. Please see the actual tracklisting below.

They Say:

Red vinyl re-press.

1. With the Day Comes the Dawn, 2. Land Of My Dreams, 3. Review, 4. Everyday, I Don't, 5. Trust, In Love, 6. Repeating, 7. Zanna, 8. Rhythm, 9. Dreamback (Demo)

Les Disques du Crepuscule present a new, remastered vinyl edition of East & West, the bittersweet debut album by American singer-songwriter Anna Domino, originally released by the label in 1984.

East & West was recorded in Brussels in 1983 with guest contributions from Virginia Astley, Blaine L. Reininger (of Tuxedomoon) and altpop polymath Luc Van Acker. The five tracks on the original mini-album format include her first single Trust, In Love (an NME single of the week), and an exquisite cover of Land Of My Dreams, originally a hit for Aretha Franklin in 1965. Rare b-side track Repeating (from the same sessions) is also now added to the album.

Other bonus tracks include the popular singles Zanna, a 1984 collaboration with Luc Van Acker, and radio hit ‘Rythm’, produced a year later by legendary Telex founder and jazzmeister Marc Moulin. The expanded remaster closes with a previously unreleased demo song called Dream Back, recorded in New York City with her friend Stanton Miranda of Thick Pigeon in 1984.

The album retains the original cover art by Joel Van Audenhaege, and adds new liner notes written by Anna herself.