's - Golden Hits LP

Sold out's - Golden Hits LP's - Golden Hits LP (Radio Underground/Poland)

Listening Notes: Legendary Japanese garage rock that took nearly 20 years to get a new reissue, Tokyo rockabilly revivalists, rough and tumble Go-Go's channeled through The Cramps, friends of the White Stripes who are so good live that Jello Biafra begged them play his birthday party, and bands who may have been popularized by Tarantino, but deserve a loyal cult fanbase regardless of Kill Bill.

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They Say:

Reissue. Back in 1988, the all-girl band The's from Japan released their first album as a tape and then CD, it took until 2004 for it to appear as a ltd Japan only vinyl release with copies going for up to $100.00 these days... This period catches them as a garage band more than a "Rockin" type band and long before they became world famous after appearing in the movie Kill Bill (2003). A real gem of an album. Japan queens of garage rock. Compilation of very early recordings finally reissued.